Fantasy Football



Logo Mark

I wanted to simplify the NFL’s logo without detracting from its recognizability. I felt that keeping with a serif font was important as well as holding onto the star motif. The star split between red and blue represents the two conferences that make up the NFL, the AFC and NFC.

Redesigning for Experience

I set out to improve the overall experience for a couple of different user types. "Power Users" are users who live and breathe fantasy football. They don't need much guidance to make decisions and a clunky interface will slow them down and might even turn them away to find a new fantasy football platform next season. Then you have what I call, "Sunday Funday" users. They just downloaded the app this season, they watch football but don't follow specific players religiously. Too sparse an interface leaves them wanting more. They need guidance and are here to have fun and hopefully beat their family and friends at the end of each week.

I've been using the NFL's fantasy football app for a few years so I felt like I had a good grip on what each of those user types needed as well as other general improvements that could be made. Every design element, new feature, and improved feature serves a purpose for the greater good of both user types. Let's get into it!

"To achieve success, whatever the job we have, we must pay a price"

-Vince Lombardi


Pick Up & Drop Off

Adding and dropping players is easier than ever. Choose your new addition, and if no empty spot is available on your roster you will be prompted to drop a player. The next screen is where you choose the player you want to drop. The filter default’s to whatever position the newly added player is listed under. However, if needed filtering positions is a tap away. Once you select the player to drop just confirm your choice!


Follow Your Team Live

Your matchup is updated in real-time. Color coded circles tell you when your players are on the field, in the red zone, or when they have just scored. A green box flashes when their score updates. To see a player’s play history just tap their box. Their play history opens up underneath in more detail and gives you the option to watch any highlights they might have.


Your Roster

The team screen is where you manage your players. Injured players are color coded with yellow, orange, and red circles. Projected points are listed and you also have the ability to sub players. When a player’s picture is tapped it reveals their season’s stats. It also compares their stats againt other players in the same position and ranks those players so you can see how they match up and start the best player in that position.

Player Status Indicators

Knowing whether or not a player will be ready at game time is simple. Yellow means the player is probable, orange means doubtful, and red means he is out.

Quickly Sub Players

Tapping the ‘sub’ button brings up all of the players in that position that can be swapped out. Just tap the sub and you’re done! Checkout the example below for more detail.


Tap, Analyze, Confirm

So you want to make a substitution? Just tap the sub button. Now you can bench the selected player or swap him out. A green confirmation appears once the swap is complete. Tapping a players circle brings up their stats and ranks them against the top players in that position on your team. See how they compare by filtering various statistic categories and play the best player.


A Feed You'll Want to Read

Your league feed keeps you up to date on everything happening with your friend’s teams. When you or another player break or set a record, make a trade, or post a message, everyone in the league can see it and react to it.Standings update each week and show you the position gained by each team.